The bonded technology allows to realize a wide range of multilayer fabrics.

The personalization of the finished product is optimized for the specific needs of the customer, independently of the target industry it fashion, technical or industrial.

The bonded can be performed in multiple layers with use of membranes or simple bonding – fabric and fabric.


The HOT- MELT technology is the most innovative answer for the bonded of fabrics in terms of efficiency and environmentally friendly.

In this type of processing, we unite advanced technology and high-quality products, so we are able to offer only the best to our Customers.

With the HOT-MELT lamination system we provide our customers with the highest quality in the manufacturing process, creating more efficient products at lower costs.

This bonding system provides thermo fuses polymers applications, this allow the coupling of each type of product (fabric, non-woven, foam, artificial leather, breathable membranes, plastic films, etc.).


Research, continues innovation and the development of new technologies allowed us to become a point of reference in the market of bonding membranes. 

Our range includes hydrophilic membranes of high quality in polyurethane or polyester and microporous in PTFE.


We also bonding fabrics with a new and revolutionary graphene membrane.

Thanks to the many properties it's required for the development of new technical articles. 


Processing used for temporary bonding of clothing fabrics (As for example linings of the pockets).


Decades of experience, have made us a reference point on the market for the treatments thermoadhesive, self-adhesive and the application of thermoadhesive film.

We put our expertise serving our customers, helping, for example, to optimize their production processes or to obtain finished products with higher performance characteristics, guaranteeing them a market advantage.


Knits, interlock, of various weights, pile and not, waddings and felts.



Efficiency and great flexibility are combined with each production process, both in the traditional manufacturing, both where it is necessary to use the most modern machineries and software.

The company’s technical department offers the highest quality results, relying on the high specialization, also on the forefront of sophisticated technologies.

The processing of fabrics and cloths for high fashion implies a great knowledge of semi-processed materials and of production techniques.

Right folds flat, flared folds, pleat, flat folds, folds with fantasy patterns, drawing folds, creased folds, soleil and crystal.



To donate the “brinatura effect” is deposited on the surface of the textile material a resin, distributed in such a way as to obtain a “dew” effect, is then metallized with foils to taste, then the resin is metallized using a special foil.

It is also possible to apply foils or of several colours foils so as to still more embellish each individual article.

There is also the possibility of over-dye the garments after processing.

Through this operation, TEXNOB is able to dignify the textile product by applying both the traditional and the most innovative techniques.

This finishing allows our customers to enjoy a high level of originality and exclusivity of the selected product.



A valued finished product is obtained thanks to properly selected high-quality raw skins.

The raw material, is carefully checked and is addressed to the most suitable operations in order to get the best quality results thanks to a teamwork.

By handling the finished products, you will appreciate the quality of workings and the natural characteristics of leather.

There are several articles and types of leather as well as countless colors that can be produced not to mention the possible workings.


This processing of leather gave life to detail articles from embroidery to needling and many others, like bonded with leather and silk.

This makes each leather unique.